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                                                     – Jana Lynne White

    A Southern Ontario farm kid with a passion for books and music, I discovered what I love to do at age twelve when I won a public speaking contest with my self-penned speech about Helen Keller.
    If there was an "11" for TREMENDOUS, that is what I would have rated White Buck Media. They stepped into an extremely difficult situation, and went WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty!
    Now I coach conscious individuals and entrepreneurs – create content for online products and courses – and work as a voice talent, producer and interviewer.
    I was very fortunate to engage Michael to redesign my law office web site. The results were exactly what I had specified. I was so happy with the results that I referred a client to him and had him redesign the client's site. I recommend him without qualification.
    You will save yourself a lot of headaches if you forget the other folks that are bidding on your project, and just go with this company. They considered by my company to be among the best!
    And so, after seven years, I returned to lovely Vancouver to create my own diversified media business – JANA LYNNE WHITE MEDIA – doing what I love to do.

Our approach to Web Site DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS HOSTING is Web Engineering.

    Both blind and deaf, Helen educated herself (with the help of an inspired teacher) and learned how to communicate and reveal her deep soul wisdom, saying: “life is an adventure, or it is nothing at all.”
    Wild beauty, real wolves, and a deep dive look at my inner self – the good, the bad … and the beautiful. It was truly an awesome experience but eventually it felt creatively isolating.
    Brad needed a professional presence to enhance his brand. White Buck Media created an image that has become “The Official Site of Brad Schoenfeld!”. We engineered his web site to combine the main content with his blog, integrating the design into one of the most popular Content Management Systems, WordPress!
    I have worked with Mike on several projects and he has always delivered great products on time. You can rest assured the project will be completed with quality. He is also very prompt when it comes to communication and post deployment support. I would highly recommend him for any kind of software projects.

Web Site Design and Development

    Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D, C.S.C.S., C.S.P.S., is an internationally renowned fitness expert and widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on body composition training (muscle development and fat loss).
    Web Engineering is the total process of developing a complete solution that delivers "Proven Results for Your Small Business!" From concept to completion, our process uses creativity and imagination to deliver a web experience that meets or exceeds our customer's requirements.
    White Buck Media recognizes that there are tremendous needs for website design for people who cannot afford it.  This is why we we support the Websites for Heroes program.
    With over 50 Years of Cumulative Web Development Experience. Our Team is ready to assist you with your Chicago Web Site Development needs. Customer Service is our number #1 priority, and we take pride in providing service you'll love to tell your friends about! In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction!
    After a couple of decades of genuinely brilliant experiences in the media spotlight, I dropped out of media and big city life and dropped into a remote island rainforest.

Custom Web Site and Application Programming

    In 1990, I was offered a dream job in Toronto as a co-host and producer of TheNewMusic on MuchMusic and then later hosted and produced my own show, SpeakEasy for MuchMoreMusic. I traveled the world, interviewed stellar pop icons, covered the alternative music scene and produced socially conscious documentaries.
    Where requested your site can made accessible as possible for mobile devices. But we're not just accessible when it comes to your final product, we're just accessible when it comes to discussion requirements for your project.
    I am in a high-profile field so having a professional web presence is essential. Michael's work in redesigning my site exceeded my expectations. He was diligent in producing exactly what I wanted, and made sure that every detail was attended to throughout the process. I recommend him highly for any and all internet-related consulting.
    We are "YOUR PERSONAL" WEB SITE DEVELOPMENT, WEB APPLICATION, and WEB HOSTING project specialists. We are passionate about providing personalized creative services that fit the needs of large or small businesses, charitable organizations or "would be" internet entrepreneurs seeking excellence... View More


    One magical minute I’d be backstage in Barcelona, watching David Bowie as he took the stage in full costumed regalia. The next minute I’d be dancing all night long to the wickedly infectious sound of steel drums in Trinidad.

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